Cast & Crew

Director & Editor: Ian McCluskey
Producers: Jenn Byrne & Lilah Cady
Re-recording Mix: Ryan Mauk at Digital One

Camera Team:
Jenn Byrne
Lilah Cady
Ben Canales
Jay Cornelius
Alison Grayson
Amira Dughri
Josh Leake
Eric Maxen
Ian McCluskey
Peter Ovington
Brighton West

Graphic Design: Travis Haight

Rachael Andrie
Mike Conway
Rev. Phil Sano
Heather Schrock
Meghan Sinnott
Stephen Upchurch
Halley Weaver

Music by:
Kung Pao Chickens
Love Bomb Go-Go
Nick Jaina
The Thermals

Special Thanks:
Linda Byrne
Ayleen Crotty
Cher Fuller
Filmed by Bike
Inger Klekacz
Rose Pedals Pedicabs
Trevor Leake
Tyler Riewer
All of the PDX WNBR volunteers and organizers!